Property management

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Rental Collection - Rental management

  • Move in" and "Move out" : precise report of statement – inventory- meters readings
  • Advising on deposit deductions ∙ Arranging tenant notices and evictions when necessary
  • Tenant liaison / pro-active tenant management ∙ Rent review strategy Insurance
  • Compare and propose you the best insurance solutions regarding your expectations
  • Following the property insurance payement
  • There is a difference in Budapest between the condominium insurance and the insurance on your property. Condominium insurance use to cover the corridors, elevators, stairways and structural but do not insure properly your property.
  • We recommend to ensure your property against the fire, theft, weather damage, windows, pipe bursts, floods, public liability etc… in order to make sure that the property will not be underinsured.


  • Handling requests for repairs and maintenance from owners and tenants
  • Repair work and general safety service of the property
  • Periodic inspections when the property in vacant in order to ensure proper maintenance

Marketing your property

  • Our aim: To rent out your property in the fastest time !! (90% rented at any given time)
  • Finding socially and financially responsible tenants
  • advertising on all real estate websites, magazines and newspapers
  • We work actively with relocation agency,letting agents, embassies, universities and international firms.
  • Exhausting all marketing channels to keep properties let
  • Providing a range of services to tenants to attract them.

Account management / taxes:

Utility payment administration:

  • Reduce the risk of outstanding bills with an all inclusive rent: our tenants pay utility bills and also condominium charges in advance along with the rent.
  • Set up the utility balance with tenants: If the tenant consumes more than the utility prepaid amount stated in the contract, then the amount is deducted from his security deposit during the 'move-out' procedure..

Relation with condominium

Attendance and representation at condominium meetings in case for the important issues.