An Opportunity To Renovate Your Property!!!

Thanks to our successful sales and property management activities over the last nine years, we have established relationships of trust with industry experts. We manage and oversee all renovation operations "under one roof" from start to finish.

Differentiate yourself from others!! [Stand out from the rest!!] You have the opportunity to distinguish your property from the rest, where you can optimize room distribution, design the space and functionality of your apartment while creating an original twist that is uniquely your own, helping it stand out from other Budapest properties. There is a great selection of properties in Budapest, offering buyers many opportunities to purchase or rent their dream location. Turn-of-the-century buildings have elegant high ceilings and are very spacious. However, most properties were "divvied up" during the communist era and are therefore often poorly divided. The majority of these apartments are in poor condition and their layout is often poorly suited to your needs or those of potential future tenants. This is where the opportunity to renovate your home becomes essential.

Why seek our services?

TRUST: Avoid all the negative pitfalls of renovating a property while abroad. Our renovation team speaks English, French and Hungarian. They respect your specifications, deadlines and ensure high quality construction with a clean handover.