Responsable activité gestion
+ 36303155504

Laguages: Hungarian-English- French

Before I started to work as property manager at Walter Real Estate, I was a member of the AIR FRANCE team for 13 years, and the chief of protocol of the Ministry for Transport, Telecommunication and Energy for 3 years. The experiences I had during my recent jobs, help me to solve the occurred problems. This work requires an advanced autonomy, a fast decision making, a proactive way of thinking. I have a tight schedule, and have to coordinate the tasks that are varied, multi-coloured and exciting. The constantly changing needs and necessities give me a huge margin.

This flexibility gives me the opportunity to have a perfect balance between professional and private life.  

My favorit expression

"if you love your job you never have to work a day in your life" /Steve Jobs/

Hobbies: Travels, squash, cinema